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At Something New for I Do, we are all about “branding” your wedding to make it your own. No longer should brides have to choose a standardized bouquet from a book of images, invitation templates that have been used and reused for countless weddings or even a uniform menu with little room for personal touches. No thank you! Ladies—it’s time to get a little creative, a little crafty and hone in on your wedding theme that truly reflects who you are as a couple. Here’s one of our favorite ways to celebrate and express your wedding theme.

Made popular in the wedding world by the famous Mr. David Tutera, a signature drink (or two) is a fun and easy way to give your wedding yet another dash of individuality. In reality, so much time is put forth planning, decorating and choosing the right elements to make your guests feel welcome and create a wedding ceremony like no other. But, what about the reception? The signature drink is a newfangled trend that can actually set the tone for your entire reception!

Tip: Keep your theme in mind when choosing your drink(s). Is color important? If so, you can search for drinks by color, select glassware in your color pallet or choose garnishes (fruit, straws, stirrers, etc.) that compliment those color choices. Get creative and if you have trouble, search Pinterest for recipes and inspiration. How much fun is a bacon infused Bloody Mary served in a seasoned rimmed mason jar? Colored sugars can be used on rims as well for a pretty and inexpensive touch.

The Vixen Vodka ladies put together the perfect signature drink for us at The Wheeler House Barn Grand Opening VIP Party, the Sassy Southern Vixen in decorative mason jars with pink and white stripped straws.

The benefit—not only do signature drinks help tie in your theme and add a trendy flare to your reception, they can also save you money. Choose one or several signature drinks or cocktails to fit both your theme and your budget. A well thought out bar with one or two signature drink options is a lot more fun and cost effective than a fully stocked bar!

It is important to make your wedding as unique as you are, and the signature drink is a simple way to do so. Your guests will love the opportunity to try new, fun drinks without going out and purchasing them. You can even have non-alcoholic varieties for the youngsters. This is another Something New for I Do tip to carry your theme throughout the entire wedding.