How to pull off a wedding brand

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Branding is a term that is widely used today. Personal branding is a process in which individuals market themselves in their career as a brand. A brand in the business world is a name, term, sign, design or a combination of these aspects used to identify a company and tell a story. When you hear a brand name, it immediately takes your mind to a picture of that product – or even better, an experience with that product.

So why not make your wedding your own by putting your own stamp, brand or identity on it? Gone are the days when weddings are steeped in deep-rooted tradition. Yes, we’re suggesting giving up the cookie cutter wedding unless this is something you’ve always had your heart set on. But, even then, you can still tweak tradition here and there to make it better fit your {personality} and style.

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Your wedding is your celebration and should be an extension of who you are as a couple. This is a unique venture that the bride and groom are starting. Think of yourselves as a start-up company and have fun finding and developing your brand. This is who you will be as a couple, going forward, so start with your “I do” to showcase the uniqueness of being YOU!

We can help you find your {wedding brand} and carry it through your entire event by applying your uniqueness to each element of your wedding. It used to be that color palettes and flowers were the way you conveyed your wedding inspiration. But, you can now apply your wedding brand via décor and rentals, attire and the design of everything from save the dates, invites, menus, napkins, programs thank you cards and so much more.

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How to pull it off – Once you’ve decided on your {wedding theme}, it’s important to find a group of vendors that will work together in a cohesive manner to make your vision come together the way you have planned it. Sometimes brides prefer not to book venues with predetermined vendor lists. The upside, however, is that these vendors likely know each other very well, and therefore know how to work together and communicate throughout the process to ensure everyone is on the same page.

If you want to choose your own vendors, start with the most important aspect of your wedding – like photography – and then inqure about who they’ve worked with in the past that they can recommend.

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Happy wedding planning!