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In the 2013 Winter Issue of The Knot, we read an article debating a big question - {platinum or white gold?}

While each metal certainly makes a beautiful engagement ring, there are pros and cons that brides-to-be (and their men) must be aware of. As the magazine clearly spells out, platinum is one of the most refined precious metals. It’s strong and durable, which means when it’s scratched, the metal is merely displaced rather than worn away. It’s also hypoallergenic for those of us with sensitive skin! The downside - it’s pricier than white gold and feels slightly heavier on your hand.

White gold is extremely resistant to rust and tarnish, and because of its malleability, it’s easier to repair and great for engravings. But, the color is known to fade since white gold isn’t naturally white. This can be avoided by re-plating your ring yearly, but this isn’t absolutely necessary as the fading is usually light enough that it’s rarely noticed.

This information is a great start! But, what about gold and rose gold? And then when it comes to the diamond - cushion cut, emerald, princess… Color? Clarity? Should I go for the halo or the eternity band? Personalization?

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We feel you grooms, picking out an engagement ring is tough work! The Alpha Groom offers a helpful resource on {engagement ring buying tips.} Knowledge is power guys - now let’s take it a step further. To pick out a ring that you’ll know she’ll love, here are the top things to consider (in plain English). The jeweler can help with the rest. Side note for the ladies: while it’s important to love the ring you’ll be wearing forever, give your man some freedom AND an opportunity to surprise you. Drop some hints, email him this article with some notes, let him know you have a Pinterest board with some ideas, but don’t go with him to pick out a ring! 

1. Band? Does she have a preference of the color (your jeweler can go over the metal types with you based on this) of the band? Some women think gold is dated, and some can’t wear certain metals due to allergies. Think about the jewelry she wears most - what color is the metal? As for the width of the band, does she normally wear more dainty jewelry, or does she accessorize with big, statement pieces? If she doesn’t typically wear jewelry, something more modest might be the best bet. For those who have a little flare, consider buying a ring with an eternity band or halo for extra va va voom.

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2. Diamond or diamonds? While solitaires tend to be more popular today, it’s important to know whether your future fiancé will want this type of ring, or if she likes the three-stone look with a center diamond and a flanking diamond on either side. To determine the shape of the stone, here are some tips from {Wedding Channel} on the stone for your type of fiancé - trendy, classic, glamour, etc. But, possibly a more important consideration - which shape will look best on her hand specifically? Because what looks lovely in the case or on the sales woman’s hands might end up overwhelming or disappearing on your fiancé’s finger, get to know her {hand shape} before going shopping.

3. Is she a little funky? From diamonds in the rough to colored stones, or even pearls, there are so many non-traditional rings out there - and she might be just the girl for something new for I do. Has she mentioned liking anything a little different? Do a little research online, yes I’m recommending stalking her {Pinterest} boards. {Etsy} is also an excellent resource for unique, handmade or vintage rings and either getting some ideas - or purchasing directly from the sellers!

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You know your lady… just go with your gut! She’ll love her engagement ring even more so because you picked it out. And if all else fails - ask her sister, mom or best friend to accompany you to the jeweler.

We’d love to hear your ring shopping stories!