5 Ways to Include Your Groom in Your Wedding Planning

The following post appeared originally on Perfect Wedding Guide’s blog {head over heels}, where Kristen Ley is a contributor. 

When in the midst of planning your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the details of what you have always been dreaming of. And rightfully so, as you have been planning your dream “I Do” since you were 10-years-old. While the wedding day attention typically falls on the bride, we can’t forget about the groom. He’s getting married, too!

Most grooms are happy to leave the planning up to their better half. Flowers and table linens? They’re thinking, “Just let me know when it’s time for the cake tasting.” We get it, the frills of wedding planning leave men less than thrilled to participate. But, there are a couple areas that you can incorporate your man into and draw out a little wedding planning enthusiasm.

1. Tantalize his taste buds with some guy grub by requesting his input for passed hors d’oeuvre options for cocktail hour. Manly muches don’t have to scream bar food. Brainstorm basic, tasty foods he loves and then dress them up! He wants burgers? How about mini lamb and feta sliders with mint aioli?

2. Give him free rein over his day-of duds to allow his unique style to show through. Maybe he’s a suspenders kind of guy, or he’s known for his rebelliously colorful dress socks. Agree on one rule, he must stick to the color pallet, and then let him at it.

3. Help him get creative with groomsmen gifts by suggesting some customizable options. Engraved engine turned lighters with a mild bodied cigar, a can of coke paired with a Jack Daniels mini and monogramed whiskey glass, or cufflinks adorned with each guy’s favorite team logo – he’ll enjoy picking just the right gift for his friends to thank them for being a part of your special day.

4. Think outside of the icebox for décor options. How cool would a beer-filled canoe be? Maybe he can’t get excited about picking out centerpieces, but he loves outdoor activities. Enlist his help in finding cooler alternatives based on what he loves – wheelbarrows, tractors, an old boat or something he can build himself.

5. Hand over the gun – the wedding registry scanner gun that is. A planning-friendly way to keep the man of the hour happy is to let him pick out some items he’ll actually enjoy too. Maybe he’s had his eye on that George Forman grill, he needs a new tool chest, or he simply wants a new gadget. New bath towels are only exciting to a certain degree, so let him have a hand in choosing some registry items.

Enjoy the wedding planning process together by making him feel that his role extends beyond simply showing up on your wedding day. To create an event that reflects who you are as a couple, it’s important to incorporate his personal touches, too.


  1. Grace R. Scott · November 6, 2013 Reply

    I really wonder why women do most of the wedding planning. Are men simply not interested in these things that’s why they leave everything to women or it’s just, it’s more of a girls’ thing? Either way, i think both should plan for the wedding because it’s their wedding. It should be a team effort. This is a great source of wedding guide to include the groom in the wedding planning. We’ll get our man working for some of the details in the planning with these tips.

    • Something New for "I Do" · November 8, 2013 Reply

      Thanks for your comment, Grace. I wonder why as well - there seems to be a stigma associated with guys getting involved. Some men really enjoy the wedding planning process, while others wouldn’t want to be caught dead touring venues and picking out flowers. I couldn’t agree more, wedding planning should definitely be a team effort, as it is after all one of the most important days of a couple’s new life together. Appreciate your thoughts!

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