Must-buy wedding gifts you won’t find on a registry

Wedding gift registries - while they’re helpful in a pinch, some of us hate to be that person who picks something out just because it’s “what they want and hey, it’s on sale.” Let’s be real, it’s too easy! Here are a couple {innovative} ideas that will make the recipient of your gift thankful you tried Something New for their I Do. 

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{Smash Cake Canvass Company} embodies a unique perspective on having your cake and eating it too! The wedding cake is one of the most essential and sentimental aspects of the wedding, so why not give the gift of a piece of art that reflects this memory? “After the dress, the cake is next on the ‘must have’ list, and it can be a passionate endeavor during the planning process,” says founder and artist Stacy Lee Braun. “It requires your time, attention, thought process and financial crunch… in your effort to capture a specific vision, blend of theme, romance and personality.”

Stacy’s vision is to capture the wedding cake in a customized 3D painting that can be kept as a permanent part of the couples ongoing {memories} of their special day. She suggests the following, going beyond the big day!

Is a friend or special member of your family getting married? Make this a creative, unique surprise, and commission a one of a kind gift that will bring joy and appreciation to that special couple. The “thank you” note you later receive will be written from a special place in their hearts.

Is it your anniversary and you have no idea what to do for your husband, wife or significant other? This unique keepsake will certainly bring you an unlimited time of new found appreciation and rekindled romance, not to mention a fun conversation piece for you and your friends.

Do you have an old photograph of the wedding cake belonging to your mother, grandmother or an important friend of the family? Restoring and resurrecting a precious part of their history that involved their wedding and love of a lifetime will be heartfelt and treasured.

Another fun, artistic idea - recreate the bride’s wedding dress and accessories with a handmade watercolor inspiration. Jenna Hamilton, the creative force behind {JLH Art Studio}, crafts custom order illustrations from images of wedding dresses (front or back), decor color palette and an additional special element of the day - a flower, names of the couple, wedding date, etc.

What bride wouldn’t love to see her dress reproduced for her in this way? An additional tasty tidbit: She ships worldwide from Atlanta, Georgia! Visit her Etsy studio for more inspiration - she makes beautiful wedding maps and timelines too!

A gift that lasts a lifetime - naming a star after the happy couple. The {International Star Registry} allows you to purchase and name a star, and then frame a certification to give to the bride and groom. Just think - each and every night, your newlywed friends or family members will have the opportunity to enjoy their wedding gift from anywhere in the world. If that doesn’t say forever, then I don’t know what does!

For more wedding gift ideas, visit us on {Pinterest}. What are some other creative wedding gift ideas you’ve dreamt up? We’d love to hear your thoughts!