What to do if your fall date is booked

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Fall is one of the most popular times of the year for a wedding, and as a result many venues are booked quite far in advance - making it hard for newly engaged brides to find a venue with their date. But, if you really want to be wed during this time of the year, don’t let booked venues discourage you! Get creative and start planning your fall wedding {outdoors}.

Search for scenic {parks} in the area to see if there is a suitable place that you can rent. Some of them often have a small structure - gazebo, pavilion, fireplace, etc. - on the property that can be used to pretty up a reception. If not, keep in mind a tent can always be rented. Even with the site rental and costs for chair and table rentals, you will likely still be far below the price of a traditional venue at this time of the year - either saving you money, or freeing up your budget to go all out on wedding decor!

Check out spaces that are mostly outdoors and surrounded by plenty of trees. The changing leaves will provide a natural background of radiant color. Even empty fields or large gardens make for a beautiful backdrop for a DIY wedding. Chances are, the ground is going to be covered with a colorful scattering of leaves in golds, reds, oranges and browns. Instead of choosing pink or blue as your wedding color at this time of the year, go with inspiration from nature.

There is an abundance of acorns, pinecones and other treasures nature has to offer. Scoop them up, sort and fill the bottoms of jars and vases for a quick and easy centerpiece. Then, add a candle and place on a bed of colorful leaves. Start having your friends and family members save all their jars. An assortment of mismatched trinkets look so pretty when you use them as centerpieces.

Important tip: Keep in mind that any fresh {leaves} that you plan to decorate with should be gathered that day. They will start to dry up almost immediately, lose their color and basically not last long. If gathered the day before, store them loosely in the refrigerator between sheets of wax paper.

If you’re newly engaged, NOW is the time to start planning for a {fall} wedding next year. Look around and see what there is available in your area now so that next year you will know what your wedding location will look like, therefore giving you a whole year to plan ahead. Happy planning!