Rainy wedding day, not so unlucky after all

“April showers bring May flowers,” and brides to tears. Luckily for April brides, the skies were holding out on us because May has been the rainiest month of 2013 by far. For two consecutive weekends North Georgia experienced some heavy showers, and you would think this might put a damper - literally and figuratively - on the bride and groom’s big day. We had the pleasure of working with two brides during these rainy weekends that didn’t let the rain ruin their moment. They were happy, rain or shine, simply to be marrying the man of their dreams.

These brides got us thinking - rainy days don’t have to be unlucky, contrary to popular belief, and they certainly don’t have to be a wet blanked to your big day. We did some research, talked to a photographer and came up with a few ways rain can make your wedding that much more memorable. Will you be itching to book your wedding in Seattle? Maybe not, but if the forecast is predicting rain on your big day, here are some tips on how to take advantage of the weather and still have a beautiful wedding.

And don’t worry, rain on your wedding day is not as unlucky as you think! According to The Knot, the Hindu tradition believes that rain on your wedding day is actually lucky. As rain contributes to plant growth and prosperity, rain is a sign of fertility in some cultures. Many couples often hope for rain on their wedding day because its meaning is tied to the blessing of many children. According to this source, there is an Italian wedding saying, “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata,” which means “Wet bride, lucky bride.”


Leslie and Matt Hucks said “I Do” on Saturday, May 4th, 2013 at The Wheeler House

Photo credit: Tonya Douglas, Tonya Douglas Photography

If the weatherman is calling for rain on your wedding day, invest in a clear umbrella or one that meshes with your color scheme. This way you can still be photographed outdoors AND use the umbrella as a prop. There are actually quite a few beautiful shots your photographer can capture using umbrellas as props, such as the shot above  (here are some others).

Photo credit: Nina Parker, Nina Parker Photography

Wedding photographer Nina Parker photographed Hope and Allen’s wedding at The Wheeler House on a rainy day and the outcome couldn’t have been more breathtaking. “All day we kept an eye on the weather, and happily the rain held off except for just a few times when it sprinkled very lightly. One of those times was halfway through the reception, when the couple was about to do their bouquet and garter toss. We dashed outside really quickly and were able to capture some really lovely night time images. And sure enough those sprinkles of rain are visible in the flash!”


Let’s be honest, it’s hard enough to walk in heels - but to gracefully walk, stand and dance in stilettos on a slippery surface is an accident waiting to happen. Some brides sport brightly colored rain boots along with their girls to wear during the reception. Weddington Boots even customizes wedding wellies!

RainyDay BridalWear has designed a raincoat that is barely there, keeping the bride dry while not ruining or covering up her wedding day look. The WetKnot is the perfect bridal shower gift, no pun intended, as it’s great to have in your wedding day emergency kit. The raincoat is also designed to wrap under the wedding gown, gathering up the bottom to avoid wet grass and walkways damaging the bottom of the dress. Practical, yet stylish with satin cording and rhinestone snaps. This clear raincoat is a must have for rainy day weddings, especially those that are outdoors!

For inspiration, tips and ways to tie in rain boots, umbrellas and other accessories, see our Pinterest board, Rainy Wedding Day Inspiration!

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